Zájezd do Francie a Británie

In June 2010, 36 students and 2 teachers from our school took part in the sightseeing trip to France and United Kingdom. Our journey lasted from 5th to 12th June and it was very successful...

We gathered on Saturday around our white coach, we put our luggage in the case, kissed our parents goodbye and finally departed. Our guide got on in Brno and then we spent about 15 hours on our journey to France.

Paris welcomed us with bad weather and thunderstorm, however, the sky cleaned up quickly and we could get to the 3rd floor of The Eiffel Tower without any problem. The view was very impressive; we saw the whole centre of the city as “on the palm”. If the weather had been better, we would have seen over 70 km far. In the afternoon, the Louvre Museum was on programme, where most of us went straight to the portrait of Mona Lisa. After Louvre sightseeing we went slowly to one of the most world-known cathedral - Notre Dame and then through The Luxembourg Gardens to our coach, which took us to our first accommodation, the F1 Hotel.

The next day - Monday - was calmer, relaxing. We visited the gardens of Versailles. Fortunately, the weather was good – the sky was perfectly blue and the sun was shining. We were walking in the gardens, sitting in the grass, feeding ducks; simply having a rest. In the afternoon we went coach sightseeing around the centre of Paris and Montmartre and then we headed for the north of France to accommodate in another F1 Hotel.

On Tuesday in the morning, we left France and arrived to the UK. First of all, we visited Canterbury - the famous cathedral and the picturesque city. Then we went to Kent to see the former home of Anne Boleyn - The Hever Castle, beautiful gardens and the maze where the movie Harry Potter and the Goblet of the fire was shot. In the evening we moved to Lewisham and met our new English families.

The capital - London was in contemplation the next day. We started with the London Eye. Everyone was fascinated by the view. Then we took a photo in front of the Houses of Parliament, went to the Westminster Abbey, round the Downing Street to St. James´s Park and The Buckingham Palace and then to Trafalgar Square and Covent Garden. There we had a break to buy presents and watch street artist, even one of our students took part in one of the performances. In the evening, we returned to our families.

On Thursday we went to Duxford to visit The Imperial War Museum to see all the old planes, to try flying in the war plane flight simulator and to walk and enjoy the beautiful countryside around. Then we moved to Cambridge where we saw the centre of the city, students´ colleges and among others the Mathematical Bridge. Finally we did some shopping in the centre of the city.

The last day we visited London again. First we had a lot of fun in Madame Tussaud´s Museum. The most photographed figure was probably a “vampire” Robert Pattinson. Another and the last place of interest was The Tower of London, where we spent the rest of the afternoon, we saw the White Tower and Crown Jewels exhibition. In the evening we passed St. Catherine Docks and spent our last money in the local supermarket. Then we got on our coach and prepared for our way back home...

This trip was great, we had a lot of fun, saw new places and met new people... Big thank to our guide and teachers!

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