The School Matinee

It was held on 15 May in Ostrava-Zabreh Culture House. Both former and contemporary students presented musical, instrumental, dance and dramatic performances. Overall, the programme was very rich.

R. Coufalova-Vidlakova introduced us to the world of musicals by the Cabaret from the musical by J. Kander and the Memory from the Cats by L. Weber. M. Radkova and Z.Šafrankava continued with a musical song The summer lullaby by G. Gershwin.

Marcel Vita (so called "Divine Marcello") warmed the cockles of our hearts with songs by the Italian group Ricci and Poweri.

L. Ulickova, one of our graduates, who became popular thanks to the Czech version of "The Pop Idol", where she was very successful and ended up among the top forty, sang "Every Breathe You Take" and "Black Velvet".

L. Petrvalsky and V. Velcovsky performed poetry with musical acompaniment. Both the poetry and the classical music were composed by L. Petrvaldsky.

In their original folk dance, K. Pavlikova, R. Pavlasova and J. Vrchovsky showed us how to win boys over to your side. All of them have been the members of Hlubina folk dancing club for several years.

As a great surprise came the song "Stay A Little Bit Longer" composed by our director J. Svrcina and performed by himself, M. Kotek and R. Kuldan.

L. Chovancikova, M. Gatekova and D. Scheuerova led by E. Kopeckova performed classical and latin-american dances. We could also see a scene dance "Conductor" by Elko dance club and country dance organized by D. Radkova.

V. Vlcek’s students performed the dramatization of a V. Körner’s work "The Valley of Bees."

Young violoncellist, the Hyperion Trio composed by J. Kanka, O. Tylecek, and T. Majlis presented their apocalliptic vision of the world.

The students said goodbye with the song "A Pear" by Cechomor.

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