My Stay in London

Well, I have experienced the best two weeks of my life, because I had the chance to go to London to study English. I studied at Oxford House College in the centre of London. I travelled by bus and I spent 18 hours there so it was horrible. I did not know anyone and I was a little bit nervous. When I arrived to Victoria Coach Station, I had to travel to my host family. I had planned all connections to the station I needed to go, but at first I was quite jittery.

My host family was from Jamaica and in the house there lived only one woman named Hyacinth. Fortunately, there was another student from Brazil. He was also studying at the same college. At the college all students and teachers were really friendly and talkative. In my class there was nobody from the Czech Republic so I had to speak in English only. In our classes we spoke all the time. I met people for example from Mali, Portugal, South Korea and Kuwait. My teacher Joe was great! He had always helped us when we needed to. He wanted us to speak as much as possible. Our lessons started with conversation. The college was in Oxford Street so I went sightseeing a lot. I visited famous places like Chinatown, Soho and Piccadilly Circus etc.

I have to admit that I was in love with night life in London. At first when I saw Piccadilly Circus at night, I was amazed. There were so many people from different countries and all of them were searching for fun during the night. However, the metro was not in service after 11PM so it was a big problem. One day when we wanted to go to a pub to Piccadilly Circus, we were shocked. On our way to the pub we saw a red carpet in front of a cinema. There was a big group of people around it and security guys in suits. It was a premiere of The Hangover III. I could not believe that I would actually see celebrities! I tried to go as near as I could. I was behind the bars and in front of me there stood a very fat guy. In that moment I saw Bradley Cooper, who was giving his fans autographs and he also was taking a picture with them. I had asked the guy if he could just step a little bit on the left side so I could take a picture with Bradley. Unfortunately, he was too big so I could not move anyway. The worst thing was that Bradley took a picture with his fans around me and I could not do anything.

Anyway, these two weeks were amazing. I am glad that I experienced something like this, because I had two weeks only for myself and I have improved my English. In some moments I was even dreaming in English and I was not realising it! I have to thank to Ms. Konečná, because she was the one, who told me about the course. Many thanks also belong to Mr. Matuška, who wrote me a nice recommendation as well as Ms. Konečná.

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