In 2004, our school was celebrating fifty years of its existence. Even in human life, this anniversary is a good opportunity to summarize. A woman celebrating this personal jubilee, still charming and pleasing, looks back and recapitulates her private and working achievements. Our school is a lady of that age and there definitely is much to recollect. Let´s go into the past five decades of its eventful history.

In 1950s, there were basically three institutions of a grammar school type – in Moravská Ostrava, Slezská Ostrava, and Přívoz. It was absolutely necessary to establish one more school of this kind for young people living in Ostrava – Jih District.


Therefore in 1953, the first lessons of an eleven-year secondary school were started in an imposing building in Ostrava Vítkovice.

However, a few years later this place turned out to be rather inadequate because of lack of space. Moreover, its location became disadvantageous since the situation at the square that was close changed dramatically – a new bus station was built there.

In spite of the facts mentioned, we cannot consider the 1960s to be insignificant and unsuccessful period of the history of our school.

At the beginning of each school year, students were encouraged to help with the potato and hop harvest so the regular lessons usually began on September 20th. Most of the students had a subscription for theatre performances, numerous talk shows were held, the magazine Fčela was issued and both students and teachers had various other activities.

After the revolutionary year 1968, the first grades of a four-year grammar school came into existence and at the same time a cardinal decision was made – a new school building was planned to be opened by September 1970. Nevertheless, the realization was delayed due to social changes regarding the birth of normalization and so the opening was postponed till autumn 1975. The brand new building was the most modern within this region and for that reason several conferences and meetings on educational topics took place there.

In the early 1980s, the public got enormously interested in studying at our school as a result of the fast development of Ostrava Hrabůvka and the expansion of a housing estate in Ostrava Dubina. The school management was in need of an annex which was, after long-lasting troubles, built some years later. The communist regime did not support grammar schools and tried to “reform” them. It was possible for the students who had a specific orientation to select either art or science.

The Velvet Revolution on 17th November 1989 in which some of our students participated launched not only the liberalization but also the reorganization of the school system. The obligatory graduation exam in Russian language was cancelled and the students could choose other foreign languages. Teaching of Arts and Music was renewed as well.

In the 1990s we tried to catch up what we had missed during the totalitarian regime. We took several journeys across Western Europe including a one-day trip to Vienna, a sight-seeing tour to France or a language stay in England.

Our students may test their knowledge with the aid of various tests. Since 2000, we have been using a new model of the entrance exams in accordance with Scio Foundation. Despite initial troubles, it works fine now.

Since late 1990s, everybody is allowed to take a view of the school building - each January an annual Welcome Day is held.

An IT system is gradually updated so that the students could improve their skills and the teachers make the best of it when printing school reports, preparing tests etc.

source: School Chronicle
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