English theatre

"Please — a little less love, and a little more common decency. Hi ho."

Slapstick, also known as 'Alone no more!' is a book written by Kurt Vonnegut and we were lucky enough to see its theatre adaptation on 1st October, performed by students of the Gymnázium Olgy Havlové.

The play is about meaning of life and about very special twins – Wilburn and Eliza, who are considered to be monsters by the rest of the world and even by their parents, who isolate them. Little they know that together they create one hell of a genius. Sadly, after their massive intellect is revealed, they are separated – Wilburn is sent to a school, Eliza to an asylum. Of course, the twins cannot be separated forever...

I really enjoyed the play, although most of my classmates claim that it was 'totally weird, except that Chinese guys that were totally cool'. What I liked the most was the playfulness of actors and their way of expressing differences between Eliza, Wilburn and the rest of the characters in everything they did and even in what they were wearing. I also want to take my hat off to the actors, as I can imagine that acting in a foreign language must be very difficult.

To sum up, it is impossible to decide whether the play was good or bad, but I loved it. Hi ho.
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