English Night

Thanks to our English teacher Mrs. Mittnerová and her devoted colleagues, we could spend one night in our school gym with a very entertaining and diverse programme. If you think that you haven´t made a fatal mistake yet, after the English night, I can tell you, you certainly made one if you didn´t come.

We were competing in knowledge of the English language and English speaking countries in teams which consisted of students of different classes and so we were able to make new friends from people that we had met only in the school corridor before.

But we weren´t only competing, we were dancing square dances, listening to classical poetry and horror stories, watching videos, translating a sonnet and singing English songs together with amazing musicians - our teachers. Before the night, none of us could have certainly imagined so well coordinated music trio like Mr. Kotek playing the double-bass, Mrs. Sládková playing the accordion and Mr. Kuldan playing the guitar.

During all night we drank real English tea with sugar and milk, ate typical English food like brownies, vinegar chips, toasts with marmalade...

I think that a lot of students of other schools will probably envy us after hearing about that event and that is why I hope, it wasn´t the last English night and I´m looking forward to the next fantastic experiences.

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