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English Night 2012

22. 11. 2012
 Robert Mareš, 8B8; foto Adéla Kocmánková, 8B8; Karolína Štetiarová, 7B8,
25. 11. 2012

It would not be our school if it did not host a special event called "English Night", which could take place nowhere else than in our school. Thirty students and a group of teachers attended this event and they all had a great time spending their night speaking in English, playing exciting games, square dancing, singing or even composing poetry! During breaks, they all were able to taste various kinds of traditional food from the English speaking countries, such as the real Canadian pancakes with maple syrup, American popcorn and marsmallows; they even could taste how delicious the peanut butter or the real jam are in combination with  traditional British toast,  or drink kiwi-juice from New Zealand. The whole event was ended by a "lucky lottery" where everyone recieved a little gift. Then all the people went to sleep in our gym so they were ready to wake up to school next morning.

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